About Us...
yes, you read it correctly, COMPOST THEATRE. Born in 1996 at the Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival, this cabaret-style comedy performance troupe teaches awareness and education through composting. Environmental challenges propelled this three member cast to inform and excite everyone possible to take responsibility for their impact on the Earth!!  Virtually, word-of-mouth popularity has sent this wacky travelling troupe to the Adirondacks, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, the Great Blue Heron Festival, a solid waste conference in Washington DC, Rodale Institute's Garden Festival, to lovely Farmers' Markets in Vermont, and that's only the tip of the performance pile. Audiences of ALL AGES have been wooed and wowed by the antics of COMPOST THEATRE!  Schools, ecological conferences and even New York City drag-queen niteclubs have all enjoyed laughing while learning.  Crazy characters like the Compost Chef, Captain Compost, award-winning Mold and even composting Disco Divas will make you chuckle and inspire you to be the BEST composter you can be!

Rodale Institute Garden Festival

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